uclaThe Vine Bible Study is a time to come together to find greater connection with God and with each other. We seek to develop a welcoming environment in which you feel accepted and comfortable talking about the questions and challenges causing us difficulty in life. In a world perishing in thirst for the knowledge of God we seek to drink deeply from the Scriptures, coming to a better understanding of the the Bible while encouraging one another through application of its message to our twenty-first century existence.

The Vine Bible Study meets at the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) on Tuesdays at 7:30pm. We are presently meeting on the 1st floor of the Ackerman Student Union.

We begin with prayer and an opportunity for you to ask any spiritual questions or explore any spiritual topic that happens to be on your mind. If time allows we will then continue our study in the prophet Isaiah.

Previous Studies


If you have any further questions, or we can be of any other service, please contact us!

The Vine Bible Study and The Vine are works of the Venice church of Christ, a group of Jesus’ disciples seeking to make disciples on the Westside of Los Angeles.

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